Double Time!

4 Years ago today, Friends and Family for L.I.F.E (Living In Faith Expecting) was born, Now we have funded wells for 10 villages (Yee Ha!) and the original mission is accomplished….but there are still MANY who suffer from lack of clean water. So I’m not closing down my efforts, but maybe taking a little more relaxed extension. The calendars and euchre tournaments will continue and whatever else I’m led to do. Right NOW World Hope International has been offered matching funds from 2 different organizations so I want to reconnect you with my blog. There is a direct link to donate in the right column. There is also a link to print out an “In Your Honor” card. So not only can you help save a life, you can double your money, and call it a gift all at the same time!!! That’s what I call a deal 🙂

Crossing the finish line

Dear Friends and Family, a little less than 4 years ago, on Black Friday, Friends and Family for L.I.F.E was launched with the goal of raising funds for 10 deep-water wells through World Hope International. I am excited to report that the final check towards that end will be in the mail tomorrow morning! This has been God’s idea from the start, and he has been faithful to see it accomplished with many of you taking part. It may sound strange but as happy as I am that the goal has been met, there’s a little part that’s going to miss the process. It’s been wonderful seeing how God has used the different giftings of so many and the just plain generosity to accomplish this goal. THOUSANDS of people in 10 villages have hope for the future and a chance to live an entirely different life, and a chance to come to know the giver of “living water”. Mothers don’t have to leave before dawn to walk for miles to bring back contaminated water that will make their children sick. Kids will be in school learning and breaking the cycle of extreme poverty. I’m pretty sure there’s some Happy Dancing going on besides mine. When I get the final numbers I’ll pass them on. #9 was just drilled and there will be a little lag before #10. THANK YOU for each of you who gave, prayed and encouraged.
People are already asking me “what’s next?” It’s hard to just turn my back now that 10 wells are done and I will probably continue at a less structured pace. The calendars and Euchre tournaments have a following now and will most likely continue. I will also partner on some level with a local organization that is building a safe house for girls rescued from sex trafficking. Unfortunately there is no shortage of need. For right now though, I’m just going to breathe in the blessing.praise

Together on the journey,


The end is in sight!

Hi friends, it’s been a while since I’ve updated where we are because well, I didn’t know where we were. Some dust has settled and we are less than $2400 from the finish line. I actually got a little tearful today thinking about the celebration party we are going to enjoy. My goal is still to have #10 funded by our 4th anniversary on Black Friday of 2015. The plan is to publish 2 calendars this year. One exclusively Corning area and one my usual nature shots. This gives me the opportunity to get into a different set of pockets 🙂  We will also have a big Euchre tournament probably in mid September. For those who have contributed to this project, I hope you will pause for just a moment and imagine the joy on the faces of hundreds of families who now have clean water for the first time in their lives and join me in praying that they come to know the source of “living water”. Well #8 is completed. We are waiting for a picture and formal report.

our well1

God bless you


We’re almost there!

It’s official now, all the funds are in for well #9! This is without a sizable gift that has wound up in limbo indefinitely due to some complications on the end of the possible donor. Can I hear a shout out from EVERYONE who sees this?

AND my church has pledged to put in the final $5000 towards #10. That puts us $3500 from the goal of 10 wells.

Lets DO this. Let’s prepare to PARTY!


For the local followers, John Lyons who is the CEO of World Hope International is going to be a featured speaker at Chambers District Camp on missions night July 1st. This is a great opportunity to hear the heart beat of the organization.


I know not everyone is on Facebook so here are the details of this FUNdraiser  Screenshot (24)

Pick a number, any number between 1 and 81 from the grid above. Blue boxes are taken.Claim it in the comments and tell us the significance it has for you. You pay that amount and I take it off. The goal is to wipe out the grid by May 25th which is the half year anniversary of our start 3.5 years ago. Since the goal is to wipe out the grid, every number is equally important. It could be your age, house number, kid’s ages or the total of their ages, individually or combined. I’d love to see your creativity….OR you can just pick one. This MAY be the last event before I meet the goal of 10 deep-water wells IF every number is claimed. AND we have matching funds up to $5000!!! You can make a check out to World Hope International, put FAF wells in the memo, and mail it or give it to me.
Possibilities for me:
3= number of kids
5+7+9=21 my g’kids ages. (separate numbers or total)
?= my age
5+1+9=15 my house # growing up
40= soon to be the number of years married. I’m going with this one.
The grid will be updated several times a day.

God is on the Move

God is on the move and it’s exciting to be along for the ride. This last couple weeks Friends and Family for L.I.F.E. has made remarkable progress. We are still waiting to hear where wells 7a and 7b are going to be in Sierra Leone but for those who haven’t heard, the well #7 fund is being split to complete 2 wells that the government paid half of for Ebola treatment centers.

#8 is ALREADY FUNDED by a generous family who is blessing us from what they have been blessed with. “They want to point to a map and say this one’s ours”

The first of 5 donated antique teddy bears has sold for $250

We have received several unexpected checks in the mail

AND we have been offered $5000 in matching funds when we are coming down the home stretch

It’s all God’s timing, but quite possible that we will have 10 wells funded by our 4th anniversary in November.

THANK YOU for all of you who have given along the way of time, talents, prayer, money, encouragement and goods. So many have done what only they could do and I am blessed by it.

Would you leave a reply this one time? I don’t know if anyone sees these posts.

With love and gratitude


our well1

Let’s make some change!

March 22nd is World Water Day and in honor of that we are going to repeat our Change Challenge from last year. For the month of March, at the end of every day, you collect up the change from your pockets, purses, cars, dressers and couch cracks and put it in a jar. At the end of the month we add it up and see if we can beat last year’s $1200. You can save and print out this picture as a visual reminder of the goal. To provide clean water and hope to another village. Let’s provide for this basic human need so that these people would be more receptive to hear about the God who provided for them. Would you join me in being BOLD? Ask your co-workers, family and friends to join you. You don’t know what door that could open. If you are in, please reply with your name. Please SHARE!

You can save and print out the picture for your jar as a visual reminder of the goal.boy drinking from pumpIMG_20140130_145636_557

Answered Prayer

Dear friends and family

God has answered my prayer and well #7 is fully funded before our 3 year anniversary date on Black Friday. I am doing a HAPPY DANCE!

I am so grateful for each of you who have done what you are able to help another village…family…mother…child out of despair. To instead have hope for a future with less illness, better gardens, education and a sense maybe for the first time that God LOVES them and has heard them and sent help for them. I pray that there are hands to shake and believers to hug in heaven one day because we brought water and they learned to love the God who made it happen.

This was not my idea, to fund 10 wells. It was a direct answer in my heart to a prayer of seeking what I should be doing with this time in my life. It has been a journey of trust that God would inspire and direct the details of making it happen.

As much as I am delighted with this milestone, I still have 3 more wells  to go. I am brain storming with several people about some exciting possibilities for this next year. PLEASE click on the follow by email in the 5th blue box on the right. I promise not to fill your mailbox but want to be able to let you know of our progress and about events that are coming up. FB is very limited in who they show to.

When you read this would you send me a HORRAY! It would be encouraging as well as let me know who got this.

Looking forward to what this year brings



Almost 3 Year Anniversary Update

Dear Friends and Family,

On Black Friday almost 3 years ago I launched our Friends and Family for L.I.F.E. (Living in Faith Expecting) campaign, following a strong prompting from the Lord. In that time we have funded the drilling of 6 deep-water wells for communities in Zambia and Mozambique that only had dirty contaminated water to drink. Over 4,400 people did a happy dance and can now have hope for their future and that of their children. I want to thank all of you who have helped make this possible and I hope that you have a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that you literally changed lives for generations to come. In this situation you have been God’s hand literally extending the cup of cold water to the thirsty. You can see the list of donors by clicking the link in the right column. If your name is missing, please let me know so we can be sure our fund is properly credited.

We are well on our way to completing funding for #7! At this time we are less than $800 away. I still have ~30 calendars to sell which would take that # down by another $300.

Please pray with me for continued success in this undertaking. Here are some possible ways to help:


Tell others about your involvement and the difference it makes.

Buy or sell calendars. $14 each and $10 goes to the well.

Use the “In Your Honor” gift card to bless someone on your gift list and those in greater need.

Host your own mini event within your circle of friends and family(rummage sale, bake sale, card party, bike ride, whatever you like to do. Call some friends, invite them, and let them know there is a donation involved for a life saving cause.

Click on “Follow” on the lower right side of this page. I promise I won’t fill your mail box but it is the best way to notify you of progress and fun fundraising opportunities (Euchre Tournaments, possible 5K, etc.)

I will do my own personal happy dance if we can accomplish this by our anniversary date. Would you consider joining me in the accomplishing and the dance?

Praying God’s blessing on you and your family

Becky Enders

“If not now…then when?”

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