Double Time!

4 Years ago today, Friends and Family for L.I.F.E (Living In Faith Expecting) was born, Now we have funded wells for 10 villages (Yee Ha!) and the original mission is accomplished….but there are still MANY who suffer from lack of clean water. So I’m not closing down my efforts, but maybe taking a little more relaxed extension. The calendars and euchre tournaments will continue and whatever else I’m led to do. Right NOW World Hope International has been offered matching funds from 2 different organizations so I want to reconnect you with my blog. There is a direct link to donate in the right column. There is also a link to print out an “In Your Honor” card. So not only can you help save a life, you can double your money, and call it a gift all at the same time!!! That’s what I call a deal 🙂