Crossing the finish line

Dear Friends and Family, a little less than 4 years ago, on Black Friday, Friends and Family for L.I.F.E was launched with the goal of raising funds for 10 deep-water wells through World Hope International. I am excited to report that the final check towards that end will be in the mail tomorrow morning! This has been God’s idea from the start, and he has been faithful to see it accomplished with many of you taking part. It may sound strange but as happy as I am that the goal has been met, there’s a little part that’s going to miss the process. It’s been wonderful seeing how God has used the different giftings of so many and the just plain generosity to accomplish this goal. THOUSANDS of people in 10 villages have hope for the future and a chance to live an entirely different life, and a chance to come to know the giver of “living water”. Mothers don’t have to leave before dawn to walk for miles to bring back contaminated water that will make their children sick. Kids will be in school learning and breaking the cycle of extreme poverty. I’m pretty sure there’s some Happy Dancing going on besides mine. When I get the final numbers I’ll pass them on. #9 was just drilled and there will be a little lag before #10. THANK YOU for each of you who gave, prayed and encouraged.
People are already asking me “what’s next?” It’s hard to just turn my back now that 10 wells are done and I will probably continue at a less structured pace. The calendars and Euchre tournaments have a following now and will most likely continue. I will also partner on some level with a local organization that is building a safe house for girls rescued from sex trafficking. Unfortunately there is no shortage of need. For right now though, I’m just going to breathe in the blessing.praise

Together on the journey,