I know not everyone is on Facebook so here are the details of this FUNdraiser  Screenshot (24)

Pick a number, any number between 1 and 81 from the grid above. Blue boxes are taken.Claim it in the comments and tell us the significance it has for you. You pay that amount and I take it off. The goal is to wipe out the grid by May 25th which is the half year anniversary of our start 3.5 years ago. Since the goal is to wipe out the grid, every number is equally important. It could be your age, house number, kid’s ages or the total of their ages, individually or combined. I’d love to see your creativity….OR you can just pick one. This MAY be the last event before I meet the goal of 10 deep-water wells IF every number is claimed. AND we have matching funds up to $5000!!! You can make a check out to World Hope International, put FAF wells in the memo, and mail it or give it to me.
Possibilities for me:
3= number of kids
5+7+9=21 my g’kids ages. (separate numbers or total)
?= my age
5+1+9=15 my house # growing up
40= soon to be the number of years married. I’m going with this one.
The grid will be updated several times a day.