God is on the Move

God is on the move and it’s exciting to be along for the ride. This last couple weeks Friends and Family for L.I.F.E. has made remarkable progress. We are still waiting to hear where wells 7a and 7b are going to be in Sierra Leone but for those who haven’t heard, the well #7 fund is being split to complete 2 wells that the government paid half of for Ebola treatment centers.

#8 is ALREADY FUNDED by a generous family who is blessing us from what they have been blessed with. “They want to point to a map and say this one’s ours”

The first of 5 donated antique teddy bears has sold for $250

We have received several unexpected checks in the mail

AND we have been offered $5000 in matching funds when we are coming down the home stretch

It’s all God’s timing, but quite possible that we will have 10 wells funded by our 4th anniversary in November.

THANK YOU for all of you who have given along the way of time, talents, prayer, money, encouragement and goods. So many have done what only they could do and I am blessed by it.

Would you leave a reply this one time? I don’t know if anyone sees these posts.

With love and gratitude


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