Answered Prayer

Dear friends and family

God has answered my prayer and well #7 is fully funded before our 3 year anniversary date on Black Friday. I am doing a HAPPY DANCE!

I am so grateful for each of you who have done what you are able to help another village…family…mother…child out of despair. To instead have hope for a future with less illness, better gardens, education and a sense maybe for the first time that God LOVES them and has heard them and sent help for them. I pray that there are hands to shake and believers to hug in heaven one day because we brought water and they learned to love the God who made it happen.

This was not my idea, to fund 10 wells. It was a direct answer in my heart to a prayer of seeking what I should be doing with this time in my life. It has been a journey of trust that God would inspire and direct the details of making it happen.

As much as I am delighted with this milestone, I still have 3 more wells  to go. I am brain storming with several people about some exciting possibilities for this next year. PLEASE click on the follow by email in the 5th blue box on the right. I promise not to fill your mailbox but want to be able to let you know of our progress and about events that are coming up. FB is very limited in who they show to.

When you read this would you send me a HORRAY! It would be encouraging as well as let me know who got this.

Looking forward to what this year brings




Almost 3 Year Anniversary Update

Dear Friends and Family,

On Black Friday almost 3 years ago I launched our Friends and Family for L.I.F.E. (Living in Faith Expecting) campaign, following a strong prompting from the Lord. In that time we have funded the drilling of 6 deep-water wells for communities in Zambia and Mozambique that only had dirty contaminated water to drink. Over 4,400 people did a happy dance and can now have hope for their future and that of their children. I want to thank all of you who have helped make this possible and I hope that you have a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that you literally changed lives for generations to come. In this situation you have been God’s hand literally extending the cup of cold water to the thirsty. You can see the list of donors by clicking the link in the right column. If your name is missing, please let me know so we can be sure our fund is properly credited.

We are well on our way to completing funding for #7! At this time we are less than $800 away. I still have ~30 calendars to sell which would take that # down by another $300.

Please pray with me for continued success in this undertaking. Here are some possible ways to help:


Tell others about your involvement and the difference it makes.

Buy or sell calendars. $14 each and $10 goes to the well.

Use the “In Your Honor” gift card to bless someone on your gift list and those in greater need.

Host your own mini event within your circle of friends and family(rummage sale, bake sale, card party, bike ride, whatever you like to do. Call some friends, invite them, and let them know there is a donation involved for a life saving cause.

Click on “Follow” on the lower right side of this page. I promise I won’t fill your mail box but it is the best way to notify you of progress and fun fundraising opportunities (Euchre Tournaments, possible 5K, etc.)

I will do my own personal happy dance if we can accomplish this by our anniversary date. Would you consider joining me in the accomplishing and the dance?

Praying God’s blessing on you and your family

Becky Enders

“If not now…then when?”

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