“If not now, then when?”

“If not me then who?
If not now then when?”

Something as huge as the Ebola epidemic can seem overwhelming to us at home. How can I make a difference in something so big? I contacted Scott Drury from World Hope International the other day to ask him how this is effecting their drilling operations thinking they might pull back. Here is part of his response.

” Thanks for asking. It has actually increased the demand for what we do in Sierra Leone. There are only a handful of groups that can do deep boreholes like we drill. We are drilling wells at four Ebola centers right now and expect to be asked to do more.”

We have the opportunity to come along side and help provide a critical element in the fight against this disease…clean water. The proceeds from my calendar sales go towards our next well. At $14 each they make great Christmas/Birthday/Tuesday gifts.
Or a donation can be made directly through this blog.