Good News on the Well Front!

Our Change Challenge in the month of February was a huge success. By collecting our stashes and combining our efforts we were able to raise $1359! That includes several not- just- change donations as well. I think that’s awesome.

I’ve also received word that well #6 has been drilled! It is in the small village of Chibissine in Mozambique attached to a primary school. I’m awaiting news on if it is functional yet. One of World Hope’s trucks was stolen. For now they find it most efficient to drill several wells and then go back and install pumps. We’ll have a picture of the well once it’s completed and dedicated.

Our new total towards well #7 stands at $1905.

The numbers are exciting to me in that they indicate progress is being made towards my goal of 10 wells. But I remind myself that this is more than a task to conquer. This represents lives and whole communities having needs met and renewed hope for their future. They will know that people like us who love God are caring for them because God loves them too and many of them will want to know more about this God.

I love to think that we will meet some of them in heaven one day because you cared 🙂