Change Challenge Wrap Up

Today is the last day in our Change Challenge! Check your pockets, sofa cracks and cars and lets see what we can combine towards getting well #7 off to a good start. Several have asked how we wrap this up. Saturday you can count up your change and do one of the following: Give me the contents of your jar, write a check to WORLD HOPE INTERNATIONAL for the amount and give it or mail it to me, or donate online through the “click to donate” link below. I have a list of the people who indicated they are participating in this challenge. If you can indicate you saw this then I won’t worry about getting info to you. If you Private msg me with your amount, I’ll post our growing bucket size without names. $8,500 sounds like a lot and IS a lot but if you break it down, around $10 can provide years of clean water for an individual. We may not be able to save the whole world…but those individuals will be VERY grateful and know in a tangible way that God loves THEM!
Thank you for partnering with me

ps If you donate online, be sure to put Friends and Family Well in the comment box.