Doing a Happy Dance!!!

I have received word from my church that the Missions Committee has unanimously decided to complete the funding for well #6 with a $900 donation. I am delighted on multiple fronts.

First of all knowing that before long another village will have life giving water instead of the illness and death inducing contaminated water they now have. Children can go to school where they belong and mothers won’t spend hours of their day trekking for water. Bigger gardens can be planted, better diets, produce sold, money available for much needed improvements.

Secondly it means a lot to me to have my church behind me in a tangible way.

Thirdly, it is very encouraging to me to have this well completed and not hovering on the verge of completion with the holiday giving season now behind.

My commitment is still for 10 wells. We are over the halfway point and that is another reason to celebrate. Looking into the future, I remind myself that the timing is still the Lord’s, but using what creativity he has given me I press on. I would love to hear from any of you about fund raising ideas you have heard of or participated in. We each have our own gifts and our own sphere of influence. Is there something you would host if you knew you were saving someone’s life?

Feeling blessed
Becky Enders

child drinking clean

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