Happy Birthday to us!!!
Friends and Family for L.I.F.E. (Living in Faith..Expecting) is now 2 years old! 5 villages and thousands of individuals have had their futures rewritten because you helped to bring them clean drinking water. As we were sitting at our Thanksgiving feasts counting our blessings.. and already planning how to add more to our list, there were mothers truly thankful for a clean cup of water. To be able to offer her child a drink with confidence that it won’t make him ill is a new and wonderful experience.
On the flip side, there are still many more villages where women and children walk for miles to fetch dirty water that makes them sick. But that’s all they have. World wide, every 20 SECONDS a child dies from water related illness. We are half way to funding well #6. I know your mailbox is filled with offers to help spend your money but I’m going to add my plea. Wouldn’t it be an AWESOME gift for a community to have a well by Christmas? A tangible life saving gift reflecting the Father’s love for the least of these? How pleasing a sacrificial gift would be to God who sacrificed his only Son beginning with his birth at Christmas.
This website has a direct link to World Hope’s donation site as well as a link to print out gift cards to accompany a donation in someone else’s name. Please check it out, check out the archives to see how we got started and consider partnering with us as we push onward with our goal of 10 wells.
I also have some calendars left that were recently marked down to $10 each. They would be a great gift for anyone on your gift list.
Please forward this post on to anyone who might be interested in making this kind of difference.

Thank you and may God bless you and your family with peace and joy during this season of celebration.