Exciting Update!

Woo hoo! We have 3 new wells through partnering with 12 Stone Church and World Hope International. The villages of Mafangue, Chitsembe, and Mangundze will never be the same. What an amazing way to point them toward God who loves them, and it was just in time for Christmas. Friends and Family will continue to match funds with 12 Stone for their last 7 wells in their 100 well pledge. Together we can both see more done quicker. These 3 wells are providing clean water for approx. 2,780 people. THAT is something to celebrate!

We now know that well #5 is funded. (Our goal is 10) We’re waiting to hear where that will be drilled. I can only imagine the excitement when a village finds out that their lives are about to change in such a dramatic way. For those who are new to Friends and Family for L.I.F.E. please go to the archives box on the right and read the November post at the bottom. That tells how and why we got started.

This is our well in Chitsembe, Mozambique


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