Happy Birthday Update

Happy Birthday Friends and Family for L.I.F.E.!!! It’s been one year since you were birthed last November and what a year it has been. Within 2 months we had funded our first well. 3 months later and the village of Naluwe Zambia will never be the same thanks to God’s provision through 35 families.

By September we had enough money to fund a second well through the donations of 27 families, the children of a small church in Western NY and matching funds from another group.

We have had a spaghetti dinner, euchre tournament and calendar sale. Donations have ranged from $6-$2,000. Each and every one of them precious in the sight of the Lord and an encouragement to us and World Hope International.

Here’s where we are today. We have raised more than half of what is needed for well #3. In case you didn’t notice I haven’t said where #2 is yet. I was talking to Scott (the well fund raiser for WHI) and apparently there is a large church who had pledged to raise funds for 100 wells. They have accomplished 90 of those and are struggling to finish the funding for the last 10. They are continuing to raise funds but want to partner with others to make up the difference. So basically since WHI is ready to drill in Mozambique as soon as the money comes in, Friends and Family is going to match funds with them to see it get done. The money we currently have for 1 1/2 wells will now join with theirs and get 3 wells drilled quickly. Since the goal is to bring water to those who desperately need it I think this is the way to go at this time. Otherwise we would be waiting with money in the bank until their project is completed.

As we start our second year I would like to thank everyone who has supported our efforts by praying, giving, encouraging and through logistical support.

My commitment is still for 10 wells. The Lord has opened some interesting doors and I remember continually that the agenda and timing are his. I’m grateful to be part of a cause that makes such a huge impact on lives, and grateful for those of you who have chosen to take this journey with me.

Please continue to help me spread the word by sharing this post or passing on the blog link https://friendsandfamilyforlife.wordpress.com/

You can click on the right to see a printable “In Your Honor” Christmas card insert to let a loved one know that a donation was made in their name.

God bless you and yours

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  1. Thanks, Becky!  Good news!  I just sent this out to 4 or 5 others, so that they can read about the wells, and can donate if they feel ‘led’ to do so. Love you, Gail M.


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