Great news on Well #2!!!

Dear Friends and Family

It’s time to celebrate!! I received word Thursday that well #2 is fully funded and overflowing! My hope was that we would reach this milestone by the anniversary of our start which was Black Friday eve. I’m overjoyed and celebrating because:

  • We reached our goal early and now maybe there can be a well BUILT by our anniversary.
  • A second village has a well on their horizon and soon will be blessed with a new hope they didn’t have before. Their  children won’t be dying from preventable disease (one every 20seconds).They won’t be trekking miles for dirty water and can instead invest that time and energy into farming. Their new level of farming can provide good food for their family and enough to sell so that kids can go to school.
  • I’m celebrating that God can use a cracked pot like me (I leak) to accomplish something big and that he’s inviting ALL of us to partner with him in our lives.
  • I’m celebrating those who have been moved to the point of action and the satisfaction they have knowing they changed a piece of the world.

The goal continues to be the drilling of 10 wells. I know for some #3 may seem less exciting than the first one was but the need is SO big. How can we say that one village deserves clean water but not the next? I so appreciate EVERY gift that has been sent, large and small. It shows what we can do when we band together and leverage what we have been given whether that is finances or inspiring others to part with theirs J

Since the goal is 10…would you please consider forwarding this letter to 10 friends so that we can let others have the option of making a difference too?  Click on “more” at the end and select email or Facebook from the choices. You could attach a short note explaining your connection to Friends and Family.

To make donations online to World Hope:

Events on the horizon:

Feel free to contact me for details on any of the above.

As always, if you would like to be removed from this list just let me know.


Becky and Gary Enders