God’s mysterious ways

I received a message that made me smile and I wanted to share this example of God’s unexpected provision and how is was turned back around for His glory.

“I have a bizarre testimony that I thought you would appreciate hearing :>) I had this dent/scratch in my car. I’m not sure how or when it got there, but it was over the wheel so it needed to be fixed before it rusted.  I finally got around to calling and scheduling a time with my mechanic to get my car painted. They said it would be around $500, and they would schedule it for September 10.

Saturday night while my sister was backing up her truck in the driveway and watching behind her the front of her truck ended up swing around and hitting my car. She put a big dent in the side of my car right on top of the little dent that was already there. I wasn’t too concerned about it because I already had an appointment to get that section repainted anyway.

When I tried to drive to church Sunday the car made a grinding noise whenever I went over a bump, (the tire was hitting where the wheel well was now caved in) so my car really was not drivable. I took it to the mechanic, who undented it for free enough that the car is drivable and gave me a new bid which unfortunately doubled the repair bill. So we decided that instead of splitting the bill like we originally intending, maybe we should contact the insurance company after all.

The insurance guy came and looked at it today,  and my sister’s insurance is going to pay to get the car fixed and that section repainted. So the money that I was intending to pay to get the little dent/scratch painted God surprised me by providing a much bigger dent/scratch in exactly the same spot that the insurance would cover.

I made a donation to the well to celebrate and thank God for such a bizarre blessing as having someone hit my car. :>) I thought you would enjoy hearing the testimony and celebrating with me :>)”

I AM celebrating, not only for your blessing in not having to pay for the work, but also for your heart that wanted to share that blessing with God’s other kids. You literally are giving a cup (well) of cold water.

AND the added blessing is that we have matching funds right now 🙂

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