I met today with Tom Armiger CEO of World Hope International, who we are partnering with in our well building. I was touched by his care and support of our efforts and genuine offer of any help we may need. He has a call on his life for World Hope and it is a pleasure to know we are a part of the team.

Items on the radar:

Cards For a Cause- Working on a BIG Euchre tournament early this fall. Open to the first 32 people, 2 groups of 4 tables. The top 2 from each group will have a play off. Looking for some NICE prizes. $20 per person for an evening of entertainment and yummy snacks.

Calendar sale- available by October, $14 each. I would love to have individuals take 10 to sell or give as gifts.

April 13th big band, ball room dance. Details to come.

We still have money in our matching funds if you would like your gift doubled.

2 responses

  1. Looking forward to the big euchre tournament. Do you have a date? Also, thinking about how many calendars I’ll need for Cmas presents:)

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