Dear Friends and Family for ” LIFE”, I wanted to share with you what this LIFE is about for me. Not only does it represent what drilling wells is all about, saving physical lives, it is also an acronym that represents “Living In Faith…Expecting”. From the time this well thought first entered my mind, I knew it wouldn’t be just one. That said, I’m encouraged, excited, hopeful, joyful…that the first one was drilled so quickly (only 4 months from the first letter) and a village in Zambia has already had their future rewritten.
The number that has been in my head since early on is…10.
Ten wells, whew I’ve said it. This is where the living in faith part comes in because I don’t know how it’s going to happen. Will it be 5, 10 years? Or will I be like Sarah in the Bible who had to wait until she was 100 to see her baby born?. Either way I’m committed to see it through.
A dear friend reminded me yesterday that today a whole village is lined up to draw clean water for their families, rejoicing that they don’t have to send their mothers or children on a dangerous trek to a dirty waterhole miles away. It chokes me up to even write it.
So I hope you will join me in the effort. Please…”Follow by email” by clicking in the blue box on the right and “share” it with your friends. Lets use this tool to make a difference.
Donations can still be made online by clicking on “click here to donate “ in the blue World Hope box, or by mailing to:

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Someone told me they were making a memorial donation instead of flowers. What a wonderful legacy in death to give life.

I’ve been brainstorming some fund raising ideas and would love to hear yours. (ie ball room dance, ultimate frisbee tournament, dinner concert) Do you know anyone famous that we could get an autographed shirt, ball etc? It’s still a great idea for a birthday or anniversary gift

We are so blessed,