Doing a Happy Dance :-)

For now let me just say…WE HAVE OUR FIRST WELL! More details to come.


…and by the way, if I don’t get some reply’s to share my joy…I’ll probably pout.

6 responses

  1. No pouting allowed! This is an absolutely amazing, joyful accomplishment. Full funding for a well in less than two months! You are making a difference.

    • Well, Becky – the whole thing is awesome. Clean, safe water came up a couple times from a couple different angles at last night’s Missions meeting. It is so important. Looking forward to hearing the specifics of your/our well.

  2. Hi Becky,
    We are very excited for you to be at this point so soon as well!
    World Hope has well locations scouted out in advance as well as waits to move into certain areas until funding goals have been reached. We have well crews in several countries and love to give them consistent work – especially since the need for clean water is so high.
    We just redesigned our community sponsorship program and called it Village Partnerships in 2011. We have begun a few villages in Zambia and are beginning a few in Sierra Leone this year. They incorporate community health trainings, livelihood developments and a well to be drilled.
    We are in the process of launching a new website by the summer of 2012 to hopefully provide some encouragement – pictures, details, information – to be able to give a clearer picture to people of what World Hope does and how they can get excited about being a part of it!
    We should be able to get information to you about the well your group inspired within a few months. I look forward to delivering this to you!
    Thank you for your hard work Becky and the wonderful gifts your friends and family have provided to Zambia!

    This is an excerpt from an email from Christy at World Hope International

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