New Year, new news

Dear Friends and Family,


I have to admit…a part of me was hoping that by the first of the year Noel (no well) would be “We have a well!”. We’re not there yet, but I had a very nice  e-chat with Christy from World Hope and she was quite encouraging about our progress. With 26 donations we have reached $7,655.  We have less than $1,000 to go before we can change the lives in a whole community. If you are a contributor, please consider telling your friends what you are doing and the impact it will make. Your actions speak louder than my words. I encourage you to forward the blog link for a full explanation.

If you are new to Friends and Family, you can click on the “Welcome” link in the “Pages” box on the right for the details of our well project. (or scroll down to the first post on this page)

I’ll update again as soon as I hear something.

Asking God to bless you and yours as we launch into a new year,


ps if you have any questions or comments please post them 🙂

or you can email me at

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