Christmas is over…but

Christmas is over…at least technically. The store displays are coming down, the gifts are opened, we’ve sung the songs and had our fill of cookies. But the true spirit of Christmas has the opportunity to live on in our hearts. The self sacrifice, considering others first, loving…even when you don’t necessarily get loved back.

I am only one,

but I am one.

I can’t do everything,

but I can do something.

I will not let what I cannot do

interfere with what I can do.

~Helen Keller~

I love this quote because I can’t do everything. None of us can. I can’t go to Africa and change the future for a village full of people…people like us with hopes and dreams…people with faces and names…people who at this writing have no way to pursue those dreams because they can’t even provide for their family the most basic thing…clean water to drink. But WE CAN! And this amazes me. We have the power and resources to change the future for a whole community of people as we band together and do what we can do…provide them with water.

We’re making progress toward that end! As of this morning our total is at $6905 of the needed $8,500 not including several checks that have not yet cleared.

I have been promised another update at the end of the week.

You can check out the “donor page” link in the side bar.

God bless you and yours,


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