The village

I have a village in my mind’s eye…one that will one day soon have a life changing well pumping out fresh clean water for the people who live there . I had another village too…one that was sitting on a shelf in a closet for the last_?_years doing nothing. It is one of those Christmas villages that I admired once long ago and a loved one developed it into a rambling town. Problem was I didn’t have a place that I wanted to dedicate to it’s urban sprawl that was out of reach of children but low enough to see. So there it sat in my closet until now. Now it has a new home where it is appreciated. I  have less “stuff” in my closet. A village in Zambia is one step closer to a well from the proceeds. It didn’t cost me a thing except the effort.

Sometimes it takes a village…What’s in your closet?

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