Christmas is over…but

Christmas is over…at least technically. The store displays are coming down, the gifts are opened, we’ve sung the songs and had our fill of cookies. But the true spirit of Christmas has the opportunity to live on in our hearts. The self sacrifice, considering others first, loving…even when you don’t necessarily get loved back.

I am only one,

but I am one.

I can’t do everything,

but I can do something.

I will not let what I cannot do

interfere with what I can do.

~Helen Keller~

I love this quote because I can’t do everything. None of us can. I can’t go to Africa and change the future for a village full of people…people like us with hopes and dreams…people with faces and names…people who at this writing have no way to pursue those dreams because they can’t even provide for their family the most basic thing…clean water to drink. But WE CAN! And this amazes me. We have the power and resources to change the future for a whole community of people as we band together and do what we can do…provide them with water.

We’re making progress toward that end! As of this morning our total is at $6905 of the needed $8,500 not including several checks that have not yet cleared.

I have been promised another update at the end of the week.

You can check out the “donor page” link in the side bar.

God bless you and yours,



Zambia well update!

What a week it has been! In one week we have gone from $1305, to $6,230 towards the well in Zambia. I don’t know about you, but I’m pumped! Our goal for this first well is $8,500. At this rate we could see that accomplished by Christmas.

I say “first” well because this is happening fairly quickly through relatively few people. (15 so far) I’m hoping that now that progress is evident, even more will get on board and also trust the process enough to forward this on to your family and friends. No donation is too big or small to be of value to the people we are touching. Even after Christmas has passed there are plenty of opportunities to give as a memorial or birthday/anniversary gift. Depending on how things progress; this could be open ended for some time.

This site has several links to online giving as well as information and pictures about the project. Read the welcome letter for the most info. There is also a list of donors that I will update weekly. If you click on the “follow” box in the right hand column, you will receive emails when there is an update on the blog.

Or a check can be sent to:

World Hope International,
Attn: Gift Processing, PO Box 17151,
Baltimore, Maryland 21297
and remember to put “Friends and Family for LIFE- Zambia Well” on the memo line.

The village

I have a village in my mind’s eye…one that will one day soon have a life changing well pumping out fresh clean water for the people who live there . I had another village too…one that was sitting on a shelf in a closet for the last_?_years doing nothing. It is one of those Christmas villages that I admired once long ago and a loved one developed it into a rambling town. Problem was I didn’t have a place that I wanted to dedicate to it’s urban sprawl that was out of reach of children but low enough to see. So there it sat in my closet until now. Now it has a new home where it is appreciated. I  have less “stuff” in my closet. A village in Zambia is one step closer to a well from the proceeds. It didn’t cost me a thing except the effort.

Sometimes it takes a village…What’s in your closet?

Well Project Update!

Dear Friends and Family,

This Christmas there are many who could sing “NOEL”- but it would be spelled “No Well”.  We are looking to change that for at least one village.

It has been 2 weeks since our “Friends and Family for Life” Zambia well, project launched. And already we have raised $1300 of the needed $8,500.  I’m so excited about how this well will impact a whole village.

If you’ve lost the link to our website you can click here: for information about the project, direct donating to World hope, updates and to view the donor page.

If you have already donated and/or forwarded the original letter on to your family and friends…Thank You!

If you are hanging on to it for another look in the future…wish us WELL!

I can hardly wait until the day I can write and tell you we’ve broken ground.

Becky and Gary Enders