Thanksgiving, 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

I want to share with you something exciting that is on my heart. I’ve heard about water shortages before. I’ve read about the effects of not having access to a clean supply. But for some reason sitting in a very deep bath just recently and then watching it all go down the drain…it really impacted me…we use so much water every day.

Aside from the obvious illnesses from drinking impure water (and I mean really impure); it is not uncommon for a pregnant woman in a third world country to lose her unborn child from the stress of carrying a heavy load of water long distances every day. Young girls (think 10 years old) are married off so they can be water carriers for families in other villages. Parents are not able to let their children go to school because they are needed to make long treks, sometimes twice a day, to get water for their family, or because mothers spend so much of their day getting water that they don’t have the time or energy to work jobs that could provide for school fees.

And we flush HOW much down the drain every day? No, we can’t store up the extra and send it to Africa…but we can make a HUGE difference in the lives of a whole community.

I’ve decided to start a group to fund the drilling of deep-water wells… pray big… and invite you to join me. We are called, “Friends and Family for LIFE” (Living In Faith…Expecting). I have also started this Blog and a Facebook page so that we can all stay updated on our progress.

After doing some research and comparing organizations that build wells in developing countries, I talked to a representative from World Hope International (WHI). They have a well building campaign in Africa called, “Africa: Water is Life.” To date, they have built over 700 deep-water wells and are excited to partner with “Friends and Family for LIFE”. WHI is certified by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and has been designated a 4-star charity by Charity Navigator. All of their audited financial statements are available to the public upon request. Once all of the money comes in for the well, WHI will build it and send us pictures when they are able.

At their suggestion, our first well will be built in Zambia, a country in urgent need. The cost to build a deep-water well there is $8,500 (it used to be $5,100, but the price has risen).  If we go over we’ll start another one! WHI has given us a direct link for online giving and they will track our progress and provide updates so that we will know when we have reached our goal. Your donation is tax deductible. Click here to donate.

If you would rather send a check, please make it out to World Hope International and send it to: World Hope International, Attn: Gift Processing, PO Box 17151, Baltimore, Maryland 21297and remember to put “Friends and Family for LIFE- Zambia Well” on the memo line.

My hope is that as you receive this you will not only consider participating financially, but will also forward it to your friends and family, telling them what connection you have to the project. They may not know me, but because you do, they may consider participating.

I want to get this up and running by Thanksgiving because that is often when people start thinking about Christmas giving. It seems like a good time to start, sandwiched in between our thankfulness for what we have and our desire to bless others by giving. The possibilities are as broad as your imagination. Donations could come from a rummage or bake sale. Why not host a party with a purpose and show You Tube videos of the need for clean water around the world? Do you have connections to a local band? See if they would do a benefit; hold a spaghetti dinner in a community center. Many people would be delighted that a gift was given in their name on their birthday or anniversary.  Please involve your kids. They need to understand how fortunate they are and feel the pleasure of helping someone truly in need. Let them sell a few of their toys or host a lemonade stand, etc. Whatever the project, please take pictures or video so that we can post it on our blog and Facebook page. Feel free to post your thoughts and impressions as an encouragement for all of us.

 I’m excited to get started and we already have our first 2 donations to “prime the pump”. One is for a Christmas gift and the other for a birthday.

Imagine our thrill when we look at the pictures of our first well and know that together we have helped transform an entire community because they now have clean, life giving water. Consider the joy, hope and praise that will flow from the hearts of parents and grandparents who can finally envision a future for their children and generations to come.

I welcome your input as we partner together,

Becky Enders



“Lord, when did we see you thirsty and give you something to drink?…The king will reply I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”                                                                    Matthew 25:37-40

* Links

×        Blog – https://friendsandfamilyforlife.wordpress.com

×        Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-and-Family-for-LIFE/23956186944132

×        Africa: Water is Life – http://africawaterislife.com

×        ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) – http://www.ecfa.org

×        Charity Navigator (a secular organization) – http://www.charitynavigator.org